Artbuying & Production
Conception & Consulting


We have a great network, national and international to make the best arrangements for your project and provide a profound shooting organization. We provide art buying and project management and handle everything from pre- to postproduction:

Artist research according to briefing and budget, such as photographers and creatives, due to cooperations not only out of our portfolio

PPMs, Contact & Meetings – we are there for you and will be available as needed, on- and offline as well as live onsite at the customer/the agency. For us, good communication is essential to keep everything flowing.

General arranging & research of – dummy construction, set builders, animal trainers, digital-operators, light-assistants, and much more. With our extensive crew list we secure whatever is needed for the shoot from grips to camera assistants, stylists and make-up artists.

You need advice to the creation regarding the realization of the layout? Talk to us.

Briefing-specific shooting handling and shooting organization is our specialty. 

Budget Control – we always keep an eye on the budget and creation costs providing the best negotiaiton and budget management.

Location Scouting – we gather multiple location possibilities and provide you with a working document with details on cost and visuals. Tech Recce and Locationcheck included.

Permits – we work with all local permit offices to make sure you covered for the day of the shoot.

Insurance – there are varying levels of insurance you may need for your production from obtaining general liability insurance, wether it is a small crew shooting on the street or concerns a big campaign. We will advise you on that.


Equipment – we understand the right tool for the right job and will provide these locally to save transport cost.

Shoot production – we handle all of the shooting and come in as the Director to oversee the camera crew whether you need a stealth team of DP/camera operator or a few camera crews in multiple locations to get the production done.

Editing– after all the footage has been shot and processed, this is a a key creative process. We work together with innovative and creative editors for all kind of projects - small or large. This is where the story is put together seamlessly and output into a format you can use across all media.  This process can be the most important to get right and we treat it equally important as the production elements of shooting and scripting giving it our dedicated time and attention to the best end product.

Post Production – from processing the files, the colorization, to laying down the first edit we work closely with you to get the best final product through the process smoothly all the way to the final sound mix.

Delivery – we make sure that the final delivery is into multiple digital formats to use for the distribution of your final product – photo and film.

Rights clearance & advice – in particular on usage rights, license rights, personal rights, copyrights and trademark rights

Mood research – for pitches and presentations

Creation of moving images – GIFs, cinemagraphs, animatics etc.

Advice to artists and creatives – on legal, artistic and organizational issues

Administration – Invoice control & billing

We also offer individual additional services on request


Casting is one of the most important elements to making sure that you get exactly what you want out of a project. We take care of this process from beginning to end. We can provide this service as a stand alone or as part of our full production service. Such as

National and international casting of models, actors, children, athletes, dancers, musicians, celebrities etc.

Video- and e-casting as well as street and live-casting

Booking of models together with fee negotiation

Casting of influencers, bloggers and testimonials for your individual needs

Clarification of rights & monitoring of contracts