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Artbuying & Production

Double T

We offer the all around package of production services from pre-production, producing, art buying, budgeting, scheduling, location scouting, permitting, to casting and catering for photo and film, including postproduction.


Making it flow

Our know-how combined with decades of experience and a solid network of regional and international contacts enables us to develop tailor-made solutions for our customers. And this with great attention to detail and budget sensitivity. Our task is to ensure the best possible preparation before the shoot and thus to ensure a smooth workflow behind the scenes. So the photographer can produce the best results behind the camera.


What you can count on

Connecting brands with the right artists, finding the perfect team and curating the best people for the job – that's our excellency. We love to create a relaxed and happy atmosphere throughout the production process, to ensure the best possible experience for everyone involved. 

We are top at what we do, always looking out what's best for our client. We manage, negotiate and follow up, keep to timings, get the right assets along with everything else that’s key to outstanding results.


What you get

Our creatives can either be hired as the photographer or director of the project or we can be hired seperately to oversee a full production.  

Whether you are producing a print or TV commercial, a set of product knowledge videos for online purposes or a full branded story including social-media, we take care of the operation. That includes i.e. negotiation of fees and usages, casting with preselection of talents, the definition of buyout packages, contracts and booking along with location-scouting together with the whole shooting scheduling, travel management and commute as well as catering.