Christopher Koch

People, Portrait, Advertising, Film



Born in Hamburg Germany Christopher Koch has visited the High school for Grafic Design in Hamburg. He then completed an internship at Cinema Gate in the Lightrent and worked as a lighting assistant. Afterwards he assisted with the film: Hamburger Kino Company - feature film by Hark Bohm as well as several smaller film productions. Christopher learns his craft during his assistantship from 1999 to 2005 as a permanent assistant to Chon Choi and as a freelance assistant to another well- known photographer.

Here he was able to develop his own, today characteristic style. With his first work for the cult beer "Astra" became known after his Christopher 1-year stay in Argentina in Hamburg as a photographer. Since then, Christopher has worked successfully in advertising, people and lifestyle. He may count known advertisers among his clients. He has also been able to win international awards for his campaigns to this day. Christopher is committed to social and animal welfare projects, where he volunteers as a photographer.