Sven Heinrich

People, Lifestyle, Advertising, Film Set


Sven Heinrich grew up in the North of Germany close to the Baltic Sea where he discovered his interest in photography at a young age. After he moved to Hamburg in 2001, he started assisting and learning his photography skills from well known international photographers. Today Sven is an on set photographer as well as a passionate people and lifestyle photographer and globetrotter. His photographs are fueled by the inspiration he finds in meeting interesting new people from different cultures and the food and music he gets to enjoy with them.

The images he takes here and abroad reflect the good vibe that is always present at his shoots. And while he makes it for the people in front of the camera as comfortable and easy as possible, he is very often found in less ordinary positions: hanging outside on the wall or sitting backwards on a speeding motorboat or quad. Sven loves to take the challenge of each new project and is aiming to show his passion in every single shot.